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Revolution !
Kudos to Fawcette, one of the smartest people in the business. No I'm not attacking open source, and I participate in open source myself, more than most of the advocates. But I am also aware of the hypocrisy of venture capitalists and IBM execs, who take home millions of dollars a year in compensation, and expect programmers to work for love and no money. It pisses me off that they get away with such excessive greed, and that my fellow programmers sell out so cheap. Programmers have to have health insurance, send their kids to good schools, make mortgage payments, and retire someday. And these days they have to hire lawyers to defend themselves against the lawyers of the big companies. It's romantic to think of programmers working just for the approval of their peers. Sure it's nice to get approval. It's even nicer to get approval and get paid for your work. [Scripting News]
Dave is ready to change the US of A political and social system !
Ecrit par fgranger, le Mardi 6 Janvier 2004, 00:53 dans la rubrique Politique internationale.