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As promised last week, this post draws together many of the ideas I've written about in these pages over the past year into a single 'roadmap' action plan for transforming the world from one of imminent ecological disaster, massive cruelty, violence, suffering, rampant disease, poverty, misery, overpopulation, inequity, excess, ruinous growth, tyranny and waste, to one of balance, peace, harmony, stability, diversity, happiness, equality and well-being. Today's post simply presents the roadmap. The arguments for each of these actions being essential to our world's and our species' survival can be found in the posts in my environmental philosophy and politics & economics tables of contents. The journey that has changed me from a depressed victim of a society gone mad to a do-or-die activist was described in my How to Save the World signature essay. This post updates the prescription in that essay.[...]
[How to Save the World]
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